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Guard All you mobile memories

1. Product Description

  • MU-8121AES ( Guard Drive ) is an easy-to-use yet powerful encryption adaptor designed to password protects regular portable storage media Including USB flash drives, memory cards, and other mobile storage devices.
  • A unique function to divide your storage device into two areas after encryption:
    •   Protected area
      • Files are well protected by password in the protected area and are hidden from other users and only can read it by bridge the MU-8121AES ( Guard Drive )
    • Public area.
      • In public area are not encrypted and can be accessed by everyone.
  • With MU-8121AES ( Guard Drive ), you'll never have to worry about losing your personal and confidential information stored on any mobile storage devices. Just plug in MU-8121AES ( Guard Drive ) your data will be under the highest US military-level AES protection.
  •   Connecting PC, a USB2.0 host for USB storage device ( USB Drive.), a SD card slot for SD serials products ( SD , SDHC , Micro SD , Micro SDHC
  • Storage device's capacity based on the need to create into the public area and protected area by GUI utility.
  • The protected area will be encrypted hidden. Access to the protected area requires passing triple protection mechanism.
    • Storage device plug in PC through MU-8121AES ( Guard Drive )
    • GUI software switch to protected area
    • Correct password key in

Key Fe a tures

  • Hardware data encryption and decryption for your mobile storage devices by AES technology (US Military Advanced encryption standard ) ,
  • Password protect and encrypt USB storage devices and SD & microSD card with MU-8121AES ( Guard Drive )
  • Mobile storage devices support
  • USB flash disk
  • Single slot USB card reader
  • Create a protected area on storage device by partition separation patent technology
  • Public: normal read/write data
  • Protected: secure read/write data
  • Specify the capacity of memory for protected area according to need
  • Switch to protected area and arbitrary access secure data with correct password
  • American Federal Government's high-level data encryption standard
  • Consumer friendly easy user interface
  • Run on any PC without software pre-installation
  • USB bus power
  • Keychain size, light weight and easy to carry
  • Personal and corporate privacy protection tool
  • OS support Windows XP/Vista/7

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